From Mount Whitney to the Appalachian Trail: Oh the Places We Go with KEEN!

“These KEENS are made for Hiking And Biking and Kayaking too With or without socks, these KEENS will play all day with you” Written By National Program Director Zoë Polk Like most outdoor enthusiasts, we love all things gear! We love researching and then buying a new product at our local REI store. We love breaking it in on the trail….

#WhitneyHiking: Finding Your Greatest Love of All in Nature

#WhitneyHiking: the act of being your full, entire self in nature and claiming a green (or California brown) space for your own. #WhitneyHiking may include foraging for beauty on a nature walk, a laughter filled trek up a local summit, and/or singing Whitney Houston songs on the hiking trail. Written By National Program Director Zoë…